Our Team

At Risen we aspire to meet your health needs related to sports injuries, nutrition, mental health, along with work and motor vehicle sustained injuries.

We believe in working together for a healthier you…. this is our team.

Nigel Bauer (he/him)

Registered Acupuncturist/Owner

Bio -

I’ve been on a journey of healing for many years, and my work continues.  Health is something that we need to consistently work on, for our body and our surroundings are ever changing.  Although my journey started well before I decided to become an Acupuncturist, Acupuncture became a huge catalyst for real change and growth in my life.  Traditional Chinese Medicine views the body as a whole, instead of separate working pieces; and the more I delved into how everything was interconnected within my body and how it manifested externally, the more I understood my own ailments.  My work has become a lifestyle, and I utilize my teachings in my everyday life.  I started by working on my mental and emotional well-being, having dealt with depression and anxiety in the past, to now maintaining my physical body. 

Movement is a big piece of my life.  I love movement so much, that most of my lifestyle is centered around physical activity through my workouts at the gym to increase my strength and mobility, and my Kung Fu, to dial into how my body moves as a unit.  When I’m not working or being physically active, my time is spent with my friends and family, usually playing board games, or I am busy writing. 

Chris Acaster

Doctor of Chiropractic

Bio -

Dr. Chris was born and raised on a grain farm near the community of North Battleford, Saskatchewan. He is the middle of 5 children and grew up as the mediator between his older and younger siblings. The Acaster kids grew up competitive swimming and from an early age, all succeeded in the pool, going on to compete across Canada. Staying active has always been a part of Dr. Chris’ life from working on the farm to all sports, to travel across the globe. He often tells patients the story of his grandmother who lived to be well into her 80’s. One of the main things she would relate to her longevity was staying active. Gardening, walking, getting out, and enjoying the fresh air, she would often say “Move it or Lose it!”

Dr. Chris received his Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology with a minor in Psychology from the University of Saskatchewan in 2005. Then on a whim spent the next few years teaching English as a second language in Eastern Asia, where he was introduced to a variety of non-traditional approaches to health and well-being that sparked his passion for Chiropractic. He went on to study at Palmer College of Chiropractic, the top Chiropractic school in the United States, and in 2016 started practicing here in Spruce Grove. In his years of practice, Dr. Chris has seen patients as young as 2 weeks old up into their 90’s, you are never too young or too old to enjoy the benefits of Chiropractic.

A basic principle that Dr. Chris employs in practice is that the body is built to move, specifically the joints of the body. As a Chiropractor, he uses a wide variety of traditional methods and state of the art technologies to assess and correct the motion of your joints in order to keep you moving pain-free, and enjoying the activities you choose to stay healthy. Whether it’s gardening or painting, hiking, or biking, or just the day to day grind that keeps you active, Dr. Chris is here to help you do it as pain-free and comfortable as possible.

Dr. Chris’s vision for health goes beyond your time spent with him at the clinic. He strives to provide his patients with HomeCare programs to help engage them in taking control of their health. From stretches for those muscles and tissues that may be tight and sore to proper use of ice vs. heat. Any question regarding your care is taken into account and answered with your best interest in mind.

Megan Tyschuk

Registered Massage Therapist

Bio -


If you don’t know me, I am Megan! Since I ventured into the massage world in 2014, I have fallen in love with treating injuries and just making people feel good in general.  

Typically, I specialize more toward rehabilitation and therapeutic work, getting you from pain and discomfort to feeling like a new person.  

The last couple of years has taught me how important mental health is along with physical health. If you don’t have one, you are missing the other. I’ve loved doing stress management treatments which I incorporate into therapeutic work.  

Being a competitive ballroom and Latin dancer as well as playing baseball growing up, I was no stranger to injuries. That experience has given me an inside perspective on what it’s like to live in pain and I wish to help aid in everyone’s journey to health.  

Along with massage, I also do KT taping, cupping, hot stones and shockwave (which is my personal favourite). If you have any questions, please feel free to call the clinic or send me an email! 

Sarah Heinz

Registered Massage Therapist

Bio -

Picture this! Five young kids on a family farm just north of Onoway, thinking that they are smarter than their parents and tougher then the animals. Many cuts, scrapes, bruises and a few broken bones ensued during the years. Fast forward to today I’ve now learned how to fix those injuries but I’ve also learned that the animals are tougher and maybe the parents are smarter.
When I was 11 years old my grandmother’s health started to declined and she needed around the clock care. My two oldest brothers and myself took turns watching and helping her on the weekends, this guided me to my determination to be in the health care field. I graduated from MaKami College as a Registered Massage Therapist in May 2017.

I have seen the benefits of regular massage with my mother who suffers from chronic pain and also myself with a sudden and temporary TMJ pain after I had jaw surgery in the fall of 2017. I learned how interconnected all the parts of our body are, a simple headache could be a symptom from poor posture and muscle tightness.

Massage is a field of never ending learning. My goal is to encourage and uplift everyone by naturally balancing the body, the mind and the soul on the road to their recovery.

Deanna Bayak

Registered Massage Therapist


Bio -

Hey, I’m Deanna! I have been practicing massage since 2016, having graduated from a 2200hr program at CDI College.

I have training in many different modalities such as PNF stretching, Sports massage, Cupping, Therapeutic, and Deep Tissue massage.

I grew up playing all kinds of sports where my motto was ‘Go hard or go home’, which I learnt the hard way that even your body has its limits. After going through my own rehabilitation journey, I decided that I wanted to be that person to help others get back on their feet and continue their journey forward.

Kim Bonertz

Massage Therapy

Bio -

Hello, a little information about myself I grew up in a small oil field town I worked in the oil and gas industry for 2 years when I was 18, I was in a car accident thankfully everyone was okay! I began feeling my body change with aces and pain I started seeing a massage therapist after that they truly helped my pain!   

I moved to the big city and began another oil field position! I was very unhappy with the hours I had to work. After I met my husband, we moved into a camper and I for the first time had time on my hands! I started looking into programs for my future education!   

That’s when I found MH Vicars school of massage therapy! I then enrolled into a 2-year 2200 hours program I had no idea that those 2 years would change my life in such a positive way! I found my true calling I specialize in Deep tissue and therapeutic massage. I believe a little pain goes a long way, my goal as a therapist is to fix and guide my clients with tips and tricks to help improve posture dysfunction and decrease pain and stress! I also now offer cupping therapy! Massage therapy is such an amazing holistic way to help deal with chronic pain, stress, relaxation, self-care and many more. I am here to help you with a judgement free environment!   

I’m looking forward to seeing all of you, thanks so much!   

Alesha Plandowski (she/her)

Massage Therapy

Bio -

I’ve always been passionate about health, wellness, and people. But after spending over a decade in dental, I was ready for a change. After some soul searching and advice from a good friend, I enrolled to become an RMT. I completed my 2200 hour school at Alberta College of Massage Therapy and graduated with honors. 

Over the years, I’ve learned the importance of listening to the needs and wants of my clients to help them reach their wellness goals. Nothing is better than celebrating their achievement and living the best they can. (I also have stickers for those wins!) I provide therapeutic, relaxation, and prenatal massages. I also love working with kids. Being a mother myself, I know how much they benefit from massage too.

When I am not at work, you can find me at the gym, with my nose in a fansty book, trying a new baking recipe, or outside hiking, camping or fishing with my family and dogs.   

Sara Bauer (she/her)


Bio -

Hey, I’m Sara! 

My career as a doula started almost 10 years ago, with the birth of my niece. I helped my sister in the early days of navigating newborn hood. I continued to do this for all the people I knew in my life having new babies, between going to school and being a Paramedic. Until one day suggested I should be a Doula. I had no idea I could support people as a career! 

I certified to be a Labour, Birth and Postpartum Doula in 2019, and have found I love Postpartum work most of all. I also love the process of birth and am fascinated with lactation. Send me an email, let’s talk about birth and babies! 

Karen Chouinard

Registered Physiotherapist

Bio -

Hi there! My name is Karen and I am a Registered Physiotherapist. Four words to describe me are: sporty, spiritual, intuitive and kind.

I graduated from the University of Alberta in 1998 and have since taken additional training in Matwork Pilates, Craniosacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Anatomical Acupuncture, dry needling for the lower extremity, vertigo treatment, concussion management and Reiki.

All of my services are offered one-on-one in a private treatment room.

The majority of my clients are those for whom traditional treatments have not fully resolved their symptoms.

Concussions, headaches, TMJ dysfunction, tinnitus, vertigo, long-standing neck and back issues, pelvic floor concerns, symptoms made worse with stress and clients with a history of trauma are excellent referrals.

When I’m not at work I love lifting weights, playing hockey and simply just being. In university I was a goalie for the University of Alberta Pandas Hockey team, Academic All-Canadian and Canada West Champion. My latest goal is to turn my yard into a beautiful native wildflower garden and food forest.

Hilary Petersen

Holistic Nutrition Consultant

Bio -

In 2013 I decided to quit my career in the event industry and go back to school to study my passion – nutrition. As much as I loved working with events I was always trying to plan my day around workouts, my desk had its own snack drawer, and the fridge was filled with my many Tupperware containers to make sure I always had healthy, balanced snacks and meals available at the first sign of hunger. I had been searching for what felt like the “right school” for me on and off for over a year. One day on a lunch break I finally stumbled upon a school that offered everything I wanted to learn; not a calories in vs calories out program, but a school that offered to teach its students about nutrient density, how the body functions, how to bring balance to all bodily systems, and most importantly how to get to the root cause of ailments in the body – not just to mask symptoms. I had some health concerns of my own that hadn’t been resolved through exercise and what I thought was proper eating for my body.

By completing my schooling I was armed with the tools to bring my body back to balance, how to build more muscle, and how to safely lean out – this was important to me for my own athleticism as well as my health. I also fully understood how important nutrition is to the body – how your health and wellbeing is largely based upon your nutrition and that the food you eat can either help to fight disease or be setting you up for disease processes to occur in the body.

Upon completing my schooling I began my own nutrition practice, signed on as a contractor with a new and soon to be busy clinic after 3 months of beginning my practice, and was also offered a teaching position, to be a case study marker, as well as on the board of examiners all through the schooling I had completed – what an amazing experience! Being the knowledge-hungry person I am, I also began working at 2 supplement stores – one sports based and one health and wellness based- which furthered my knowledge of supplements even further. Having had a baby in February 2017, I did adjust my work schedule.. BUT began working again (with my baby always by my side/in a baby carrier) when my baby was only 4 days old – I guess you could say I am passionate about what I do!

Taylor Kaselak


Bio -

Coming Soon

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