Acupuncture works by inserting sterile, single use, surgical grade stainless steel needles into muscle motor and trigger points to stimulate an electric or nervous response to affect change in the tissues.  By inserting needles, communication begins in the tissues starting at the superficial and highly proprioceptive fascial layer.  Proprioception is the process of how the body constantly communicates with the nervous system, and tells your brain where your body is spatially.  That’s why when you walk up stairs, your body knows how much force it needs to exert to climb a step, without taking huge steps and also not tripping over the steps.

Acupuncture is very useful when it comes to orthopaedic ailments such as:

  • Back pain including spondylosis or SI joint dysfunction
  • Knee Pain including ACL, MCL injuries
  • Shoulder pain including labral tears or AC joint dysfunction
  • Neck pain, headaches and migraines usually caused by a forward head or upper cross syndrome



Acupuncture not only gives immediate relief of symptoms, but also works to correct postural imbalances to create long-lasting results. Typically exercises and stretches are added to the treatment to help the client maintain functional mobility.

Types of Acupuncture


Other modalities that are used in conjunction with acupuncture are:

  • Cupping
  • Electro-Stimulation
  • Chinese Herbal Medicine
  • Gua Sha
  • Tui Na Massage
  • Kinesio Taping

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