Doula Care

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Expecting a Baby? Doula Care may be for you!


What is a Doula?

A doula is a trained non medical person that supports people through significant life changes such as child birth.

Labour and Birth Doula

A labour and birth doula assists in preparing for the baby, supports during labour and stays for about an hour postpartum.
Prenatal- Information is power! Your doula has resources on many things, local lactation consultants, hospitals and procedures, birthing centres, midwives, and so much more to help you have a great pregnancy.
Labour and Delivery- During labour a doula can provide comfort and support. Whether you plan to birth at home, in a hospital , c section or unmedicated, doulas can provide support! Support looks different for everyone and it is the doulas job to find what suits you and your family best.

Postpartum- After delivery the doula will stay for an hour or so, for support in feeding, bonding, transition to the NICU, information and so much more!

Postpartum Doula

A postpartum doula helps once the baby is born. This can be anything from helping with feeding, changing, bathing the infant, to helping parent(s) with healing, recovery, bonding, early detection of perinatal mood disorders. Doulas help the whole family adjust to the new family dynamic.


Did you know?

  • Having a doula present at your birth;
  • Decreases the rate of cesarean section by 39%
  • Increases the likelihood of a spontaneous vaginal birth (no forceps or vacuum) by 15%
  • Decrease the need for pain medication by 10%
  • Shortens labour by an average of 41 minutes
  • Decreases the risk of a low 5 minute APGAR score by 38%
  • Decreases the over dissatisfaction with a birth experience by 31%

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